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Heart Disease Aggravated by Overactive Immune Cells

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Blood cells in aortic valve stenosis, have to squeeze through the narrow valve and thus come under intense frictional force, known as shear stress. This constant stress can lead to harmful inflammation that aggravates the condition. The progression of aortic valve stenosis can be corrected by valve replacement.

Why COVID-19 is Less Severe in Children?

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The respiratory deterioration in adults infected with COVID-19 is immune-mediated and not directly related to viral replication. The severity of infection was reduced in children as they have higher levels of T-cells, that have an immune modulator response and thus prevent the virus.

Good Gut Bacteria Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

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The bacteria uses a protein called MtcB, to consume a nutrient called L-carnitine that is found in food such as fish, and meat. The interaction reduces the production of a chemical TMA or trimethylamine, thereby eliminating its toxicity, proving beneficial for the heart.


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