Drug News (Medindia)

Treatment for Bile Duct Cancer

The latest research reports treatment of patients suffering from bile duct cancer could be improved by tailoring medication to the levels of a critical protein in people with the disease.

Young Cancer Survivors Face a Higher Risk

A recent study states Cancer survivors who are diagnosed during adolescence or early adulthood (age 15-20 years) are at increased risk of premature death compared to the general population.

Nature and Child Development

Recent research explored the impacts of nature play on the health and development of children aged 2-12 years, finding that nature play improved children's complex thinking skills, social skills, and creativity.

Immune Cells Consult Neighbors

Researchers have uncovered new evidence that immune cells count their neighbors before deciding whether or not the immune system should kick into high gear.

New Guidelines for Hepatic Failure

A new set of evidence-based recommendations for the management of liver failure is presented at the SCCM 49th Critical Care Congress. It assembles recommendations for critical care specialists managing the full range of conditions and complications posed by liver failure.

Effects of Psychotherapy for Adolescents

UCLA-led study finds that early treatment for PTSD after a disaster has lasting effects and effects of psychotherapy for adolescents continued into adulthood.

Vitamin C may Shorten Ventilation in Patients

As per the recent analysis, Vitamin C administration shortened the duration of mechanical ventilation in critical care patients, but the effect depended on the severity of illness.

Good Blood Supply to the Brain Benefits Cognitive Abilities

Memory performance and other cognitive abilities benefit from good blood supply to the brain. A recent study suggests that blood perfusion of the so-called hippocampus could play a key role in age- and disease-related memory problems.

Fast Food Intake Leads to Weight Gain

According to a new Dartmouth-led study, there is an active link between the amount of fast food that pre-school age children consume and their likelihood of becoming overweight or obese.

A Low-cost, Disposable Alternative for the Caregiver

MIT researchers have developed a "smart" diaper that can alert a caregiver when a diaper is wet. This new design is a low-cost, disposable alternative to other smart diaper technology.

Kisspeptin Hormone Injection Boosts Arousal in Men

The kisspeptin protein can be used to treat men with common psychosexual disorders, sexual problems which are psychological in origin such as low libido, said new research.