Drug News (Medindia)

Bluetooth Operated Ingestible Capsule Developed!

Wirelessly controlled ingestible capsule has been developed that can simultaneously sense the internal environment of the stomach as well as the delivery of drugs. The device can be operated using a smartphone.

3D Printed Adaptive Aids Can Benefit Arthritis Patients

3D printed adaptive aids to help patients with severe arthritis perform daily tasks such as opening doors, turning knobs or splitting pills prove to be significantly cheaper than costly adaptive aids that are available now.

Does Evening Exercise Affect Your Sleep?

Evening exercise does not affect your sleep. A new study suggests that moderate exercise in the evening does not cause sleep problems.

Vaccine to Address Synthetic Opioid Epidemic

Vaccine containing certain monoclonal antibodies can fight opioid addiction and decrease the overdose deaths caused by the synthetic opioids like fentanyls