Drug News (Medindia)

Infertility in Men Linked to Prediabetes

Older age, higher follicle stimulating hormone levels, and idiopathic nonobstructive azoospermia (absence of sperm in semen) were associated with prediabetes.

What's in the Man Box? New Study Reveals the Secrets

The Man Box has been defined as a set of societal beliefs that place pressure on men to be a certain way - like being tough, not showing emotions, being the breadwinner, using violence to solve problems, and having many sexual partners.

Tackling the Complications of Diabetes in India

India is at the forefront of the worldwide diabetes epidemic, with over 73 million living with the disease in the region and the total number is expected to more than double within a decade.

Zika Virus Cases Rise to 100 in Jaipur

The number of people infected with the Zika virus has reached to 100 in Jaipur, India. Medical teams are carrying out screening and fogging activities, and special precautions are being taken in the Zika-affected areas.

US' Aging Societies: New Insights

Increasing numbers of older adults grapple with precarious financial, environmental, and social conditions in late life.