Drug News (Medindia)

Sleep Restriction may Affect Your Emotional Reactions

Restricting sleep may affect your emotional reactions and impose a negative emotional bias, leading to an increased tendency to evaluate emotional stimuli as negative, reveals a new study.

Fight Obesity: Early to Bed can Make Kids Skinny

Early to bed can fight obesity. Going to bed early and building a better sleep routine can help kids maintain a healthy weight. So, don't be a night owl, instead be an early bird to prevent excess weight gain.

Probiotics can Help Treat Acne

Probiotics can help augment the skin's natural defenses against acne. Therefore, the use of probiotics in creams or oral medications can help in treating acne.

222nm UVC Radiation Is Non-carcinogenic and Safe: Study

This suggests that 222nm UVC is safe for human eyes and skin. This technology is expected to have a wide range of antibacterial and antiviral applications in medical facilities and daily life.