Drug News (Medindia)

Urine-based Tuberculosis Screening Saves Lives

Screening all hospitalized patients with HIV for tuberculosis (TB) using urine tests would improve life expectancy and be cost-effective in Malawi and South Africa.

Fresh Insights into Invisible Labor

Women who feel overly responsible for household management and parenting are less satisfied with their lives and partnerships.

Blood Test can Detect Early Lung-Transplant Rejection

Scientists have discovered a simple blood test than can determine early organ rejection in patients with new transplanted lungs. This could help doctors provide early treatments and prevent chronic rejection.

Skin Patch Biomarker Sensor can Read Sweat

A skin patch biomarker sensor recently developed by the international scientists can read sweat and can generate information about the body processes.

Body Size Can Influence Longevity in Women

Body size and build, i.e. height and weight has been found to affect the lifespan of women more than men. Taller and less heavy women at 20 years are more likely to live up to 90 years.