Drug News (Medindia)

New Approach Helps reduce Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms

A clinical trial of omega fatty acid supplementation in toddlers born preterm reveals that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms can be improved. A daily dose of the omega fatty acid supplementation helps reduce ASD symptoms.

Endometrial Awareness Week 2018 - Speak Out. Period

Endometrial awareness week 2018 is being observed between 3rd to 9th March to spread awareness about this condition. Learn about endometriosis and see how you can help change a woman's life.

Prediabetes Heightens the Risk for Heart and Chronic Kidney Diseases

Prediabetes patients are at heightened risk for cardiovascular and chronic kidney diseases. Cardiovascular and renal risks and diseases are highly prevalent in adults with prediabetes. Identification of people with prediabetes may help in cardiovascular and renal risk reduction.

Only 1 in 4 Indians can recognize Heart Attack Symptoms

India is now one of the highest risk of heart disease in the world. More than hald the population cannot identify the signs of heart attack. Hence, there is a great need for heart attack awareness among the Indians.

Eye-movement Related to Memory Revealed

When the information we want to remember becomes too much for the brain, our eyes move in a certain pattern when observing what's in front of us. We unwittingly move our eyes in the same pattern over and over again.

Outbreak of Skin Disease in Iraq Caused by the Bite of Sandflies

Leishmaniasis strain in Iraq outbreak identified. It is a neglected worldwide, zoonotic, vector-borne, tropical disease that is a threat to public health. This threat may spread from endemic to non-endemic areas in the borderline area between northern and central Iraq from 2014-2017.

Put an End to Period Shaming

Menstruation has always been surrounded by myths and still remains to be a taboo topic. Women are treated differently, which could adversely affect their mental and physical health and therefore, it is time to put an end to period shaming.