Drug News (Medindia)

Antibiotic Minocycline Benefits Aged Patients

The antibiotic minocycline can increase the lifespan of aged roundworms through a defensive mechanism that could be therapeutically utilized to help prevent neurodegenerative diseases

Stay Fit and Healthy to Prevent Heart Attack

Staying fit can keep your heart healthy and help avoid a heart attack. A new study suggests that a low cardiorespiratory fitness could be a warning sign of future problems, even if you are fit and healthy.

Afghanistan Reports 20 Cases of Polio

The number of polio cases in Afghanistan has risen to 20, after a new case diagnosed in the southern region, reported the Ministry of Public Health.

Early Life Stress Causes Attention Disorders in Mice

Mice that experiences stress in early life suffers from attention disorders, depression and anxiety later in life. Women are more likely to face psychological disturbances than men.