Drug News (Medindia)

Benefits of Walking the Golf Course Revealed

Golfers with osteoarthritis - Walking the course provides significantly higher health benefits and is not associated with increased pain, cartilage breakdown or inflammation.

Measuring the Risk of Stroke Not So Expensive Anymore

A conventional digital camera technology- Interferometric diffusing wave spectroscopy (iDWS) can be used to measure the brain's blood flow. This technology will helpful assessing stroke risk in real time, finds a new study.

International Day of Immunology - Building Bridges

The International Day of Immunology is observed globally on 29th April every year to increase awareness about immunology and the importance of immunity in health and disease.

Solanine in Potatoes May Increase Glycoalkaloid Poisoning

Glycoalkaloids are found higher in green, germinated, damaged potatoes and potato peel. Ingestion of glycoalkaloids may cause symptoms such as nausea, stomach-ache, vomiting, and diarrhea and increase the risk of glycoalkaloid poisoning.