Drug News (Medindia)

Our Views on Old Age may Change as We Age

People at different ages have different perceptions about old age. A new study shows how views of aging can be biased particularly among young people.

Need More Awareness on Leprosy in India

International Gandhi Award 2017 was presented to Dr M.D. Gupte and Dr Atul Shah for their work towards care and elimination of leprosy.

Guidelines to Manage In-flight Medical Emergencies

Incidence of in-flight medical emergencies continues to rise. Knowing what to expect may help physicians be better prepared the next time that fateful call goes out at 36 000 feet.

Switching to Glo Reduces Exposure to Toxicants

When smokers switch completely from cigarettes to glo, their exposure to cigarette smoke toxicants is significantly reduced, in some cases to levels compared to those who quit smoking completely.