Drug News (Medindia)

Perfect Tips to Naturally Boost Your Child's Immunity

Kids are exposed to various germs and are highly susceptible to many types of infections such as cold and flu. Therefore, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, maintaining proper hygiene and consuming herbal dietary supplements can boost your child's immunity naturally.

Concussions may Lead to Epilepsy

New study highlights the role of astrocytes in the development of epilepsy following the most common type of traumatic brain injury in humans.

Happiness and Air Quality Linked

Higher levels of pollution are associated with a decrease in people's happiness levels, found new study.

New Routes to Treating Osteoarthritis

52 new genetic changes linked to osteoarthritis, which doubles the number of genetic regions associated with the disabling condition.

Molecular Profiling Could Catch Lung Cancer Early

Molecular profiling could catch lung cancer early and lead to novel treatments, said researchers. The study helps to understand the earliest stages of lung cancer development.