Drug News (Medindia)

COVID-19 May Have Longer Incubation Period, Study

COVID-19 may have longer incubation period of eight days instead of previous estimates of four to five days. The new, low-cost approach in identifying the incubation period is better as it relies on public database of dates of infection, and uses statistical methods to reduce recall bias.

Five Ways to Sharpen Your Memory

Memory should be continuously challenged with activities such as puzzles, learning a new language, or learning to play a new musical instrument. Mental well-being is equally important as physical health to prevent memory loss.

How to Improve the Function of Retinal Prosthetics, Study

The magnitude and the consistency of the electrically-evoked responses diminished as retinal degeneration advanced in retinitis pigmentose. Therefore, the level of disease progression has to be taken into consideration while selecting patients for prosthetic implants.

Experts Say Every Citizen Must Fight the COVID-19 War

Karnataka health task force chairman M.K Sudarshan said As the war against the elusive virus is going to be long and hard, the government alone cannot fight it, and the onus is on each and every citizen to join the battle even after a vaccine is found to treat it.

India: Third-worst COVID-hit Country Globally

India has recorded 64,399 coronavirus cases in 1 day, bringing the tally to 21,53,011, revealed sources. Out of the total 21,53,011 cases, 6,28,747 are active cases, 14,80,884 have recovered from the deadly virus while 43,379 people have died.

Chile's Coronavirus Deaths Top 10,000

In the past 24 hours, the Chilean Ministry of Health reported 53 more deaths from COVID-19, bringing the national death toll to 10,011.

Gujarat Reports 1,101 More COVID-19 Cases

On Saturday, Gujarat has reported 1,101 fresh coronavirus cases, sending its tally up to 69,986, while 23 more deaths took its toll to 2,629.

Simple Recipes to Stay Healthy

Experts have revealed simple recipes to get super charged with the nutrients you need for this monsoon. 2020 is unlike any year we have seen and in parts of the country this monsoon is unlike any we have seen.