Drug News (Medindia)

Over 1mn Nucleic Acid Tests Conducted In Wuhan

Wuhan, where the COVID-19 pandemic originated last December, has conducted more than 1 million nucleic acid tests and recorded a significant drop in the incidence of asymptomatic cases, official media reported Tuesday.

Andhra Covid-19 Tally Rises to 2,532

Andhra Pradesh's Covid-19 cases climbed to 2,532, the state had reported 52 cases of which, 19 had travel history to the Koyambedu market in Chennai.

Childhood Obesity May Up Risk of Bladder Cancer

Overweight and obesity during childhood can contribute to an increased burden of bladder cancer in adulthood. Therefore, following healthy lifestyle practices during childhood can reduce the risk of obesity in future.

New Drug Targets for Alcoholic Liver Disease Identified

Alcohol-related liver disease (ALD) is a fatal condition affecting more than 150 million people worldwide with no treatment available besides transplant. Now, researchers identified key targets for treating ALD.

Novel Tool Developed can Diagnose, Monitor Autoimmune Disorders

Novel method can diagnose and monitor autoimmune disorders within a mere 25 minutes. The new biosensor not only measures the concentration of autoantibodies in human blood serum with notably high sensitivity but also, for the first time, quantifies their activity.

TN Covid-19 Tally Reaches 10,585

477 people tested Covid-19 positive and 939 patients were cured and discharged in Tamil Nadu on Saturday, according to the Health Department.