Drug News (Medindia)

Early Puberty - A Risk for Substance Abuse among Boys

Early puberty in white adolescent boys may increase substance use risk, according to a research at the Purdue University. Brain-related testosterone activity contributes to an increased risk of substance use more than an earlier appearance of maturity and accompanying social pressures.

Drug Filled Nanobubbles can Help Kill Cancer Cells

Anti-cancer drugs encapsulated in Nano Bubbles can be designed so that the drug is delivered right at the spot and when we need it to start interacting with the cancer cells. This method has been proved effective in the case of bowel cancer cells.

Obesity Surgery May Affect the Risk of Cancer

Weight loss surgery or obesity surgery may affect the risk of cancer. Obese patients who underwent weight loss (bariatric) surgery had a decreased risk of developing hormone-related cancer (breast, endometrial or prostate cancer) when compared with patients who did not have surgery.

Young Pregnant Women More Likely to Have Prenatal Depression

Today's young pregnant women may be at higher risk of developing prenatal depression than their mothers. Chronic stress, sleep deprivation, eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, and the fast pace of modern life may increase the prevalence of depression among younger expecting mothers.