Drug News (Medindia)

Now Sonic Pressure Waves Shall Open Up Heart Artery Blockages

Intravascular lithotripsy launched by Shockwave is an innovative technology that generates sonic pressure waves to break up calcium deposits so that the artery can be opened with ease and blood flow restored with the placement of a stent.

Walnuts can Boost Your Gut and Heart Health

Nutty treat: Eating walnuts every day as part of a healthy diet could be a good way to boost gut health and reduce the risk of developing heart disease. So, hurry up, let's go nuts to improve gut and heart health.

New Building Blocks of Catalyst Zeolite Nanopores Discovered

Zeolites crystals, used among other things for refining petroleum to gasoline and biomass into biofuels, are the most-used catalysts by weight on the planet, and discovering mechanisms of how they form has been of intense interest to the chemical industry and related researchers.

Sepsis Linked to Mortality Risk

Sepsis was associated with 1 in 5 deaths globally, revealed study. Sepsis occurs when a person's organs cease to function properly as the result of an out-of-control immune response to infection.

Sticky Situation Worsens Stroke Damage

A stroke appears to create a sticky situation inside the blood vessels of the brain that can worsen damage days, even months later, found scientists.

More Reasons to Reconnect With Nature

Policies to preserve and develop urban green spaces, and support urban populations reconnect with nearby nature, could help meet sustainability targets and reduce carbon emissions.

Smoking Hookah Can Increase The Risk of Blood Clots

Researchers found that tobacco smoke from a hookah caused blood clots to form within an average of about 11 seconds, compared to an average of 5 minutes for clotting without exposure to hookah smoke.

Stroke Increases Risks of Heart Complications

Stroke survivors face significantly higher risks of heart attack or other major cardiovascular events within 30 days of having a stroke, reports a new study