Drug News (Medindia)

HIV Infection Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death Risk

Living with HIV with detectable virus was linked to a larger effect on QT interval variation than any other cardiovascular disease risk factor included in the study, except for diabetes.

Blood Test for Eye Melanoma Developed

A simple blood test could soon become the latest monitoring tool for the early detection of melanoma in the eye, said researchers.

Increase in Dengue Cases, UP

Uttar Pradesh has been observing a rise in the number of dengue cases in this season. According to official records, 7,598 people have been afflicted with the vector-borne disease.

Age-related Metabolic Disease May Be Prevented Through This Method

The reason belly fat surrounding organs increases as people age could offer new treatment possibilities for improving metabolic health, thereby reducing the likelihood for diseases like diabetes and atherosclerosis that stem from inflammation.

Ketogenic Diet can Protect You Against Flu Virus

Consuming a keto diet can protect you against the flu, reveal researchers. Ketogenic diet changes the way immune cells perform in the lungs and may help boost a body's response to the flu.