Drug News (Medindia)

Nine Genes Behind Eyebrow Colors Identified

Nine genes responsible for eyebrow colors have been identified for the first time by an international research team. C10orf11 is the newly-identified gene that only affects eyebrow colors.

Are Eggs Good For Your Heart?

Increased egg consumption increases heart disease risk due to high cholesterol content in egg yolk. Latest US dietary guidelines that allow unlimited egg consumption may need re-evaluation, says study.

Tilt Training Can Prevent Fainting: Here's How

Tilt training programme effectively reduces worry and fear about fainting, improves quality of life and enables patients to return to work, reveals a new study.

Space Travel May Trigger Dormant Herpes Viruses: NASA

Space travel may reactivate dormant herpes viruses in more than half of the astronauts who travel on the Space Shuttle and International Space station, posing problems for deep space missions.