Drug News (Medindia)

Gut Bacteria Predicts Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Arrhythmic gut bacteria that do not follow a day-night rhythm and do not change in their number and function during the course of day, are a potential marker for type 2 diabetes.

New Version of Novel Coronavirus Spreads Faster

New strain of the novel coronavirus called G614 that is spreading around the globe is more infectious than its predecessor D614 strain. A small variation has made the coronavirus fitter but not more deadly, reveals a new study.

India's COVID-19 Positivity Rate at 6.73%

As India's COVID-19 tally crosses the seven lakh-mark, the Centre said the national positivity rate of novel coronavirus infected patients is 6.73 percent, while Punjab with only 1.92 percent positivity rate is lowest.

Delhi's Covid-19 Tally Up at 97,200

Delhi witnessed 2,505 new coronavirus cases and 55 deaths, pushing Delhi's tally to 97,200 and number of fatalities to 3,004.

Fertility can be Preserved in Cancer Patients

Women who have recovered from cancer, face the prospect of infertility due to the toxic effects of cancer treatment on ovarian function. Storing embryos and eggs will help in fertility preservation effectively in such patients.