Drug News (Medindia)

Bacteria-carrying Mosquitoes Released to Curb Dengue

Wolbachia mosquitoes are released in Fiji to curb diseases spread by mosquitoes. Wolbachia is a natural and safe bacteria that reduce the ability of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to transmit viruses between people.

Structured Exercise Program may Improve Mobility among Older Adults

Program to improve elderly mobility that involves a regular program of structured physical activity, performed in the clinical setting, may reduce mobility loss in older adults, research at the Tufts University, Health Sciences Campus finds.

Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis not Known Before

Constellation of symptoms that presages the first definitive signs of multiple sclerosis has been identified by a research team. Their finding may enable physicians to diagnose the disease earlier, slowing the damage it causes to the brain and spinal cord.

Pain Management Plans for Surgery Patients Who Use Opioids

Preoperative opioid use among patients having surgery need to be identified by doctors to establish a safe and effective acute pain management plan which may include naloxone rescue strategies at discharge and a rational plan of postoperative opioid prescribing.

Safety Planning Intervention may Reduce Suicidal Behavior

Safety planning intervention is associated with a reduction in suicidal behavior and increased treatment engagement among suicidal patients following emergency department discharge and may be a valuable clinical tool in healthcare settings.

Quick Test to Find Out Best Cancer Drugs and Treatment Combinations

Measuring the effects of drugs and treatment combinations on cancer cells has been made possible by a research team at the University of Zurich. Their new approach enables researchers to analyze the initial reaction of cancer cells to PARP inhibitors with great precision.

Herpes - A Risk for Alzheimer's Disease

Link between Alzheimer's disease and herpes virus infection has been identified by a research team at the University of Manchester. The research suggests that herpes treatment with aggressive antiviral drugs may reduce the risk of dementia.

Siberian Plants Can be Used in Treating Serious Diseases

Siberian plants can be actively used to treat various diseases. Unique medicinal properties of the microorganisms living within the plants (endosymbionts) can pave the way in developing medicinal and antimicrobial drugs.

More Women Than Men Die Due To Heart Failure

Hospitalization rates as well as deaths due to heart failure have gone up in women, while there has been a decline of these in men, finds a recent study.