Drug News (Medindia)

Cardiorespiratory Fitness can Lower Dementia Risk

Cardiorespiratory fitness can lower the risk of dementia risk. High-intensity exercise improves fitness faster than moderate exercise, and researchers recommend everyone to exercise with a high heart rate at least two days each week.

Novel Model To Advance Cancer Precision Medicine

Combined Essentiality Scoring (CES) predicts cancer essential genes using the information from shRNA and CRISPR-Cas9 screens plus molecular features of cancer cells.

Availability of Opioid Treatment in Needy Areas is Unclear

The U.S. opioid epidemic is still raging, particularly pronounced in low-income areas and in those where people lack access to health care services, which includes cities in Michigan and across the Rust Belt.

Male Infertility and Its Treatment Now Easily Identified

Male infertility can now take a shorter duration than the conventional trial and error method, which consumes more than a year to identify male infertility. This method is revolutionary and could change the course of treatment.

Unhealthy Habits can Start Young: Here's How

Unhealthy eating habits start as young as possible, reveal researchers. A transition from a milk-based diet (breast milk and formula) to table foods has a great impact on nutrition, taste preference, and eating patterns of children.