Drug News (Medindia)

Glaucoma: Fresh Insights

People with diabetes are 2 times more likely to get glaucoma than people without diabetes, says study.

New Cause of Low Back Pain Discovered

A new study has found that an overgrowth of pain-sensing nerves into spinal cartilaginous tissue may be the reason for the vast majority of low back pain.

How to Prevent Acne Caused by Workouts

Use a clean towel to gently pat sweat off of your body, since rubbing your skin can cause acne to flare, say dermatologists.

Top, Simple Tips to Protect from Flu Revealed

Sinus and ear infections are examples of moderate complications of flu, but a frequent serious complication, particularly in people with chronic lung disease, is pneumonia.

Parents Can Easily Curb Teen Drinking and Driving

What teens think their parents know about their free-time activities and who their friends are AND whether their parents approve or disapprove of alcohol use can be life saving.

Online Probiotics: Fresh Insights

Many websites allude to benefits of probiotics in diseases for which there is not much high-level scientific evidence, other than in mice, stated new study.