Drug News (Medindia)

Vitamin B3 can Prevent Glaucoma

Vitamin B3 supplement can prevent and also reverse blindness in glaucoma patients. Vitamins are used in combination with other therapies, they produce the energy required to extend the life of the cells.

Smoking is Associated with Hearing Loss - Quitting may Help

Smoking is associated with increased risk of hearing loss, especially at the high frequency, in a dose-response manner. The excess risk of hearing loss associated with smoking disappears in a relatively short period after quitting.

Warm Baths may Have Benefits Similar to Exhaustive Jogs

Unable to go for a morning jog, take a warm bath instead. Hot baths are no longer just a hygiene routine; they can help you burn just as many calories as you would have done if you went for a walk.

Mindfulness Meditation can Prevent Major Depression

Patients with subthreshold depression in primary care can be treated with mindfulness meditation training, which helps reduce the incidence of major depression and improves depression symptoms.

Vaccines Without Needles - The Future of Vaccination

Vaccines may be now be delivered in non-injecting forms with the use of synthetic biology. A synthetic, non-biologic Influenza A vaccine in a proof-of-concept study shows new vaccine production platform to build a fully synthetic flu vaccine.

Stephen Hawking Dies at 76

Stephen Hawking has died peacefully at 76 at his home in the British university city of Cambridge. He was an extraordinary man and a great scientist whose work and legacy will live on for many years.

Can Toothpastes Really Save You from Dental Erosion?

The chemical and physical properties of toothpastes can cause progressive tooth surface loss and are not capable of reducing the prevalence of dental erosion and dentin hypersensitivity.