Drug News (Medindia)

Renewable Source of Cancer-fighting T Cells Created

The technique uses structures called artificial thymic organoids, which work by mimicking the environment of the thymus, the organ in which T cells develop from blood stem cells.

New Kidney Cancer Marker Identified

The discovery of arrestin-1 synthesis in cases of kidney cancer suggests the possibility of developing anti-cancer vaccines in the near future.

Home-Based Hypertension Program Kept BP Under Control

Brigham and women's hospital developed a home-based care delivery program to help control blood pressure quickly and at lower costs than office-based blood pressure programs, which reduced BP in 81% of patients.

Hep C Infection can be Treated in Liver Cancer Patients

Researchers compared the records of liver cancer patients who were and were not treated with direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C infections, showed no significant difference in the recurrence of liver cancer.