Drug News (Medindia)

Children's Packed Lunches Fail to Meet Nutritional Requirements

Does your child carry a healthy lunch box to school? Over 10 years, children's packed lunches fail to meet nutritional requirements. Therefore, improving what kids eat at school will help in cutting down childhood obesity risk.

Online Videos Enhance Cancer Knowledge

Education videos distributed on social media can reduce barriers related to health literacy and improve health in underserved populations, according to Rutgers researchers.

Monitoring Lithium Improves Lives of Bipolar Patients

Bipolar disorder affects one in 100 people and lithium remains the most effective long-term therapy for the condition. It is vital to monitor lithium intake, being a narrow therapeutic range drug.

Global Diets: A Blend of Benefits and Problems

Global diets are changing, with benefits and problems. Supporting healthier diets in one part of the world causes underweight and obesity elsewhere. Setting up policies that provide healthier foods for people everywhere can meet the demand for healthy food across the globe.

Perfusion Machine can Keep Human Livers Alive Outside the Body for 1 Week

Newly discovered perfusion machine can repair injured human livers and keeps them alive outside the body for one week. This groundbreaking discovery could increase the number of available organs for transplantation, thereby saving many lives of patients with liver cancer or other severe liver diseases.