Drug News (Medindia)

Link Between Concussion and Suicide Risk Discovered

Researchers want more studies done to identify strategies to prevent concussions and mild TBI and to find ways to identify patients at highest risk of suicide after such injuries.

Gamma Delta T Cells Identify and Kill Cancers

Gamma Delta T cells possess a unique two-pronged device, allowing them to double-check whether the body's cells are healthy or dangerous before deciding whether to kill them.

Exosomes Protect Against Inhaled Bacteria

Study sheds new light on our immune systems -- and also paves the way for drug delivery techniques to be developed that harness this natural transportation process from one group of cells to another.

Study Explains How Human Muscles Form

Proteins discovered could become new therapeutic targets for rare muscle diseases such as myopathies and muscular dystrophies.

Multiple Triggers for Kawasaki Disease

A recent research in San Diego has shown that various causative agents are known to trigger Kawasaki disease in children. The environmental triggers include temperature, precipitation and wind patterns.

Glaucoma Severity may be Missed by Traditional Testing

The most commonly used tests may not detect glaucoma's central vision loss. A variation of the visual field test, which assesses macular damage better, can improve the diagnosis at no extra cost.