Drug News (Medindia)

Pregnancy Chances No Higher for Frozen Over Fresh Embryos

Frozen embryo does not have significantly different chances of pregnancy when compared with fresh embryos. Fresh embryo transfer should be the gold standard in women without ovarian hyperstimulation risk.

Scientists Develop New Way to Deliver More Drugs Through the Skin

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) have showed that applying "temporal pressure" to the skin of mice can create a new way to deliver drugs.

Long-term Maternal Viagra Treatment may Hinder Fetal Growth

Giving sildenafil (Viagra), which causes blood vessels to dilate, impairs the fetus's ability to redirect blood flow to vital organs in response to low oxygen levels, hindering fetal growth, reports a new study.

Alzheimer's Disease Risk Increases With Body Weight

An increase in body weight is associated with a decrease in brain activity and blood flow. The changes can be virtually assessed by neuroimaging in brain regions, including those influenced by Alzheimer's disease pathology such as the hippocampus.

Blueberry Consumption Helps Improve Muscle Regeneration

The antioxidant effect of blueberries helps in improving the function of cells responsible for muscle growth and repair. These cells are known as human muscle progenitor cells and their improved function can help in muscle regeneration.