Drug News (Medindia)

New Breast Cancer Gene Identified Among Young People

Role of genes in breast cancer is evaluated by the research team from the University of Copenhagen, BRIC and Rigshospitalet. They are adding knowledge to our understanding on genes and the biological mechanisms that underlie the development of breast cancer.

Eating Before Cardiac Catheterization is Non-inferior to Fast

There are no current standardized fasting protocols for patients undergoing cardiac catheterization. Hence a new study aimed to compare safety and outcomes of a non-fasting strategy to current standard fasting protocol and suggests that cardiac catheterization procedure should be more patient-centered.

COVID-19 Pandemic Shouldn't Make Us Forget Other Major Diseases

Fight against the coronavirus pandemic is essential. But there are other dangerous infectious diseases that have been known for a long time. If we lose sight of these in the fight against COVID-19, there is a risk of even greater disaster, reports a new study.

Binge Eating During Quarantine Linked to Depression

During quarantine, binge eating unhealthy foods can make a person feel depression, said new study. Binge eating during quarantine could be stress-related or just due to boredom.