Drug News (Medindia)

Chinese Doctors remove 100 Fish Bones from a Man's Rectum

Chinese doctors have removed more than 100 fish bones from a man's rectum after he ate two servings of boiled carp a week earlier who sought for medical help after complaining of acute pain while defecating.

The Real Reason Why Old People Don't Like Digital Technology

Reasons why older people don't like digital technologies have been identified, the fear of making mistakes and wider concerns about their social responsibility are among reasons why older people are rejecting digital technologies.

Fetus Removed from a New Born Baby's Stomach

An Ahmedabad hospital reports baby being born with a Fetus in Fetu syndrome. This syndrome involves the development of a fetus in the stomach of the newborn baby.

New Therapy Helps Treat Severe Asthmatic Cough

Bronchial thermoplasty (BT) is a new device-based therapy approved by the FDA in 2010. A series of three radio-frequency treatments are used to open the airways of adults with a severe asthmatic cough.

New Genetic Risk Factors for Stroke Identified

22 new genetic risk factors for stroke have been identified by scientist by analysing the DNA samples of individuals worldwide. This helps in increasing potential targets for stroke drug development.

New iPad App Doubles Colon Cancer Screening Rates

Patients with colon cancer who used the iPad app were educated about different types of screening tests and were also able to order the test they wanted, which has drastically increased colon cancer screening.