Drug News (Medindia)

COVID-19 Hits Livelihoods, Causes Stress, Anxiety

Besides hitting lives and livelihoods, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing fear, anxiety, depression and stress among the people, stated a senior official of the World Health Organization.

Nutrition Diet for COVID-19 Patients

The Karnataka government has issued orders to provide quality nutritious food suggested by dieticians to COVID-19 patients receiving treatment in designated hospitals.

Too Many Men Avoid Bowel Cancer Test Kits: Study

A new study revealed that only 40% of people who receive free National Bowel Cancer Screening kits actually complete them - with men younger than 70 having the lowest rates of use.

Need to Revise Global Pneumonia Treatment Guidelines

Researchers noted that one of the primary symptoms to diagnose mild pneumonia in children - fast breathing - is not specific to pneumonia and can be seen with other illnesses such as fever and dehydration.

COVID-19 Fatality Risk Double Than Thought

COVID-19 mortality risk in the United States, researchers estimate an infection fatality rate more than double estimates from other countries.

How To Close The Gap In Epilepsy Treatment?

Most interventions to reduce the epilepsy treatment gap include some form of community education or awareness to help people understand that epilepsy is a medical condition.

TN Corona Tally Reaches 94,049

Over 4k people tested positive for coronavirus taking the number of cases to 94,049, in Tamilnadu.

Teenage Driving: Tips to Ensure Safe Driving

Parents can help their teenage drivers stay safe by communicating openly with them regarding the risks of distractions and unsafe driving, as well as modeling good behavior by showing them how to be a responsible driver.

Cancer Cells Make Blood Vessels Resistant To Chemotherapy

Scientists at Hokkaido University have identified how inflammatory changes in tumors caused by chemotherapy trigger blood vessel anomalies and thus drug-resistance, resulting in poor prognosis of cancer patients.