Drug News (Medindia)

Is Your Cold Preventing Strategy Actually Helping Your Kid?

Many parents continue to use non-evidence based measures to prevent their kids from catching a cold such as giving vitamin supplements or asking them to stay inside the house. However, science proves them otherwise.

Fainting for a Long Time: Good or Bad?

Most of the time fainting is harmless, but sometimes people faint due to serious medical conditions. A new study reveals the best ways to find life-threatening conditions that make some people faint.

Eye-catching Purple Rice is More Nutritious: Here's How

Purple rice is a whole grain packed with high levels of natural antioxidants is found to be highly nutritious, reveals a new study. The use of traditional farming practices can help in preserving the genetic diversity of purple rice.

Water Filters Built Using Bacteria to Kill Bacteria

Scientists at the Washington University at St Louis have developed a new membrane technology that purifies water with no biofouling, buildup of bacteria or other microorganisms.