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Teachers Help Vulnerable Children Improve Their Language Skills

Kids who come from low-income backgrounds usually get influenced by other kids in play school. These influences are in the form of language development as they say what they hear from these kids and teachers while they are there.

What is the Secret Sauce for High-performing Neonatal Intensive Care Units?

Neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) strive to provide safe, high-quality medical and surgical care for all newborns. The secret sauce for some NICUs to outshine may lie in introducing systems that improve the culture of quality and safety instead of waiting for a reduction in morbidity.

Brain Can Control Your Food Cravings: Here's How

New study highlights that when the activity of a specific part of the brain known as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is suppressed, the desire for high-calorie foods increases.

Researchers Call for Help to Solve Global Food Crisis

Scientists leading the Global Food Systems Initiative have an issued a call of help in the Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems journal. In this, they have stated that they need the global academic community to adopt a new scholarly focus for food-system studies as the global food system urgently needs an overhaul.

Yin Yang Protein May Fuel Tumor Growth in Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be fuelled by a mysterious Yin Yang protein. Yin Yang1 is a type of molecule, called a transcription factor, which helps activate genes was found to switch on SLC9A3R1, which helped tumors grow.