Drug News (Medindia)

Sexting Rates Spike Among Teenagers

Study suggests that age-specific information on sexting and its potential consequences should regularly be provided as a component of sex education.

More Doctors in Need For Elderly Care

The primary health care system will struggle to meet the medical needs of a rapidly aging population, particularly as the number of family doctors falls.

Possible Targets for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment

Tau protein accumulations that are known to cause the Alzheimer's disease may undergo various phosphorylation processes, and so the study suggests to explore tau phosphorylation related targets for Alzheimer's disease treatment.

Causes of Skin Defects in Eczema Revealed

Activated immune system may alter lipids and damage the skin barrier that is found to be the major factor in eczema, according to a new study.

Four Delicious Almond Recipes Just for You

Are you craving for something sweet with almonds in it? Here are few delicious desserts that you can try making a badam aur gulukand ki kulfi or an almond-infused phirni for your family and friends.

New Insights into Parkinson's Treatment

One of the factors behind nerve cell death in Parkinson's disease identified, unlocking the potential for new treatment to slow the progression of Parkinson's disease.