Drug News (Medindia)

Genes Behind Breast Cancer Identified

Inheritance of breast cancer can be linked to 110 genes identified, says the scientists at Institute of Cancer Research.

Early Signatures of the Social Brain Identified

Humans use an ability known as theory of mind every time they make inferences about someone else's mental state. New study finds brain networks of children as young as 3 control theory of mind.

What Cause Diabetic Complications and Increased Heart Disease?

Protein pathways that are closely linked to changes in both triglyceride and hemoglobin A1c levels in diabetic patients have been identified. This finding is important to find a way to prevent the onset of heart disease or diabetic complications.

Immune-based Therapy Has Potential to Fight Sepsis More Effectively

Interleukin-7 restores lymphocytes in septic shock and provides potential therapy for sepsis. Standard treatment involves high doses of antibiotics that fight the infection, but they often don't work well and fail to boost the body's immune defenses.

Heart Patients may Benefit from TAVR Procedure

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement is a procedure that helps to repair the damaged heart valve. The individuals who underwent this procedure have experienced a significant increase in their quality of life.

One Amino Acid can Improve Birth Outcomes

Malaria infection during pregnancy can cause complications during the pregnancy and delivery. L-arginine and nitric oxide are depleted during malaria infection in pregnancy (MIP) and L-arginine supplementation helps improve pregnancy outcomes.

Brain Health Matters - International Brain Awareness Week

Brain awareness week (BAW) is a global initiative observed in March to raise awareness about advances in brain research and its benefits. Participants organize fun events and activities to educate people of all ages about brain health and importance of brain research

Can We Reverse the Frailty Caused by Muscle Loss in Elderly?

New insights on how nerves protect healthy muscles. This understanding can help delay old-age frailty (weakness) by either slowing the decline or by increasing the success of nerve branching to rescue detached muscle fibers and thereby stop muscle wasting.