Drug News (Medindia)

Simple Urine Test Can Detect Preeclampsia Much Faster

Simple urine test can rapidly identify pregnant women with preeclampsia, which is one of the world's deadliest pregnancy-related conditions. Discovery of this 'red dye-on paper' test can reduce illness and deaths among expecting mothers and their unborn children.

Novel Magnetic Nano-Bot Can Probe Inside Human Cells

Novel magnetic nano-scale robot that can be moved anywhere inside a human cell could be used to study cancer and potentially improve its diagnosis and treatment, finds a new study.

Breast Cancer Could be Treated With a Diabetes Drug

Repurposing a common diabetes drug as well as another used for treating a group of inherited and acquired disorders may also help in the fight against triple negative breast cancers.

Novel Method to Evaluate Platelet Health Could Aid ER Doctors

New system that can measure platelet function within two minutes may be a rapid and useful approach for monitoring traumatic bleeding risk in patients who might need a blood transfusion after being admitted to a hospital.

Could Climatic Change Be Causing Heart Attacks?

Severe spikes in temperature have been found to be increasing the risk of heart attack among people. This risk is especially greater in people who have diabetes or hyperlipidemia.