Drug News (Medindia)

One-fourth of Kids with Autism are Undiagnosed

One-fourth of children under age 8 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), most of them black or Hispanic, are not being diagnosed, which is critical for improving quality of life.

Perfect Tips for Healthy Arteries and Veins

Vascular problems can affect people at any age and at any time. However, preventing blood clots and varicose veins can keep your arteries and veins healthy.

Bitter Melon can Fight Cancer

Cancer fighter: Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd or karela, can kill deadly cancer cells naturally. So, add this miraculous Indian bitter fruit to your regular diet to keep cancer at bay.

Baby and Adult Brains' Sync Up' During Play: Study

Have you ever played with a baby and felt a sense of bond, even though they couldn't yet talk to you? New study implies that you might quite literally be on the same wavelength, experiencing similar brain activity in the same brain regions.

New Study Helps to Combat HIV, Hepatitis B

Discovery made by Florida State University College of Medicine researchers paves way for door for new and more potent treatment options more than 36 million people infected with the HIV virus and for hepatitis B.

Exercising with a Cold, Flu: Good or Bad?

Is it good to exercise with cold and flu? Yes, exercising when you are sick, is not always bad, but it requires extra care to prevent the condition from worsening.

Pathways That Extend Lifespan by 500% Identified: Study

New study has identified synergistic cellular pathways for longevity that increase the life cycle by 500%. The discovery of cellular mechanisms could open the door to more effective anti-aging therapies.

New Blood Test can Pick Up Sleep Deprivation on Horizon

Parents often find it tricky to tell if children and teens are getting enough sleep, so a new blood test could help. The simple blood test could provide a reliable metric to know if kids are sleeping enough.