Drug News (Medindia)

Human Heart Cells Alter in Space: Here's How

Heart cells are altered in space but return to normal within 10 days on earth. Exposure to microgravity can alter the expression of thousands of genes, but do get within 10 days on earth.

Baclofen, Common Muscle Relaxant Linked to Severe Confusion

Patients with kidney dysfunction who were prescribed a high dose of the drug baclofen, were more likely to be admitted to hospital for disorientation and confusion, than those who weren't prescribed the drug.

Cholesterol Levels in American Adults Declining

The implementation of the 2013 guideline on the treatment of blood cholesterol has led to improved overall cholesterol levels for American adults, especially those on cholesterol lowering medications.

Exposure to Fetal Nicotine Harms Breathing

Fetal and early life nicotine exposure in human babies could weaken their respiratory reflexes, increasing their susceptibility to sudden infant death syndrome in the face of a breathing obstruction.

World Pneumonia Day: Time to Stop Pneumonia in Its Tracks!

World Pneumonia Day is celebrated on 12th November every year. It creates awareness about the harmful effects of pneumonia among the public. Its major objective is to reduce the global burden of pneumonia.

How to Nib Cancer At Its Buds

Cancer can be halted or stopped at its tracks completely; this depends upon the various factors that cover health hygiene and close self-diagnosis.

New Treatment Option for Liver Transplant Patients

Budesonide drug is commonly used to treat both asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. However, a new study suggests that it may also be useful as an anti-organ rejection medication for liver transplant patients.

First New HIV Strain Discovered in Almost Two Decades

For the first time in 19 years, a new type of HIV known as subtype L of the HIV-1 M Group has been discovered. Current treatments for HIV are reportedly effective against the new strain, reports a new study.