Drug News (Medindia)

Dairy Consumption May Reduce Heart Disease, Death Risk

Dairy consumption may lower heart disease and death risk. Therefore, consuming three servings of dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese and butter per day can help protect your heart health and reduce mortality risk.

What Reaches Our Plate: Calories or Nutrients?

Global burden of malnutrition, hidden hunger, and food insecurity are on the rise, as the global food system is failing to meet nutritional needs. However, a new study maps the nutrient sufficiency to assess whether enough nutrients reach everyone's plate.

New Wearable LED Device Can Help Regrow Hair

Excessive hair loss or alopecia can cause stress and anxiety among both men and women worldwide. New flexible, wearable LED Device can help speed up hair growth.

Thalassaemia Patients Number in Maldives on the Rise

Maldivian Blood Service has shown concern over the increasing number of Thalassaemia patients in the archipelago nation as new reports found that the Maldives currently has the highest prevalence of Thalassaemia in the world.

Kidney Stones Partially Dissolve Naturally: Study

Kidney stones partially dissolve and were found to regrow again as they form. Airyscan super-resolution microscopy was used to observe the interior growth history of the kidney stones.