Drug News (Medindia)

Gout Diagnoses Growing Worldwide

Increasing trend of gout burden is most likely to continue as the global aging population is on the rise, reports a new study.

COVID-19: Photodynamic Therapy Efficient in Combating Secondary Infections

Photodynamic therapy cannot be used to attack the novel coronavirus directly since it does not eliminate harmful microorganisms present in the bloodstream. Photodynamic therapy helps to combat COVID-19 co-infections caused by bacteria and other viruses, eliminating the need for intensive medical care.

Sleep Helps to Update Memories

Sleep can protect memories from being forgotten. Sleep consolidates both old and new memories and allows in relocation both. The memory replay during sleep plays a protective role and prevents forgetting, and increases recall performance.

Breast MRI More Effective Using New Device

Updating MRI scanners with a system suggested by Russian scientists can make breast MRI more efficient and simple without needing any additional specialized equipment.

Obesity Linked to Development of Arthritis

Preventing weight gain is a viable way to reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis later in life. Musculoskeletal problems are the leading cause disability globally.

Covid-19 PPE can Turn into Biofuel

Personal protective equipment (PPE) from Covid-19 tests can be transformed into renewable liquid fuels, according to Indian researchers.

Fatty Liver Disease in Non-obese People

Differences in the clinical features of non-obese patients with non-alcoholic fatter liver disease based on their sex and body mass index have been discovered by researchers.

Surge in Health Anxieties Reported

New study has suggested that a quarter of all participants revealed significantly elevated anxiety and depression, exacerbated by lockdown and isolation.