Drug News (Medindia)

How Diet and Western Eating Habits Impact Health and Well-being?

A high-energy diet rich in complex carbohydrates is associated with low cardiovascular disease risk, at least when coupled with a physically active lifestyle (Tsimane adults average 17,000 or so steps per day, compared to Americans' 5,100).

7 Out of 10 European Workers are Dehydrated While Working

Staying dehydrated while working could be seriously dangerous for workers who handle tasks in industrial machinery, driving, harvesting, etc, finds a new study. And this dehydration with heat stress can be deadly for them.

Tough Shrub Guiera Could Help Fight Hunger in Africa

Guiera shrubs - when planted adjacent to millet - can share the precious water they draw in and boost production of one of the primary grains that provide nutrition to West Africans.

Looks Do Matter, or at Least Your Body Shape Does

Personality traits such as irritable or laziness can be linked with our body shape, finds a new study. People tend to assign a person a personality trait just by looking at their body shapes.