Drug News (Medindia)

New Cancer Drugs Enable Immune Cells to Fight Cancer

New technology for cancer immunotherapy developed at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Bifunctional immune checkpoint-targeted antibody-ligand traps that simultaneously disable TGF-beta enhance the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy.

What Is The Best Treatment For Opioid Addiction?

New national guideline sets out best practices for treating opioid addiction. This guideline strongly recommends opioid agonist treatment with buprenorphine-naloxone as the preferred first-line treatment when possible.

Deployed Pregnant Soldiers at Risk of Premature Delivery

Women who are giving birth soon after deployment are twice at risk of giving birth to premature babies. Premature birth causes problems to the infant's vision, hearing, breathing, digestion, also developmental and learning disabilities.

Abdominal Fat Increases Heart Attack Risk Among Women

A higher waist circumference and waist (and) #8208;to (and) #8208;hip ratio poses great risk for both obese men and women. However, waist (and) #8208;to (and) #8208;hip ratio is strongly associated to increase the risk among obese women.

Healthy Diet is of No Use, If Your Diet is High in Salt

Consuming high amounts of salt elevates blood pressure and is not associated with how healthy an individual's overall diet is. Avoid consuming high salt foods like pizza, burger, potato chips, processed meats, canned vegetables, sauces, pickles, pappads, and processed cheese.