Drug News (Medindia)

Tourette's Awareness Day

Tourette's Awareness Day comes on 7th June to raise awareness about the Syndrome that is characterized by tics - involuntary sounds, commonly known as Tourette Syndrome. This syndrome is often misunderstood as an activity which can be controlled but it is truly not.

For Head And Neck Cancer - Two Drugs May Be Better Than One

A new combination of drugs, cetuximab-RT therapy with EphB4-ephrin-B2 blockade, against relapsed head and neck cancer has been suggested by experts at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to have optimal therapeutic effect.

Mechanism of Enzyme That Causes Cancer and Aging Identified

The inner workings of the enzyme telomerase, which plays a key role in aging and cancer, have been identified by a new study. This is the first time researchers have seen telomerase in the process of making DNA.

Arthritis Drugs May Impact Mental Health

Arthritis drugs may influence mental health by improving pain and stiffness and by targeting inflammatory processes common to arthritis and depression.

Long-term Stress may Reduce Sperm Quality and Fertility

Prolonged stress can impact the quality of sperm. Sperm tested during military conflict indicates lower sperm motility compared to those collected during stress-free time. Low sperm motality can result in infertility.

This Breath Test Can Detect Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis can be detected with a new sensor that detects tiny amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas, the compound responsible for bad breath, in human exhalations. A color change from white to brown on the sensor surface shows halitosis.

Mangoes Can Improve Your Gut Heath

Eating mangoes (mangos) can improve gut health. Mangoes are loaded with a combination of polyphenols and fiber can relieve constipation and reduce intestinal inflammation.

What is the Best Treatment for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome?

The best treatment for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) may be lower pressure volumes of ventilation called "ultra-protective mechanical ventilation," as it creates less risk for typical lung injuries such as hyperinflation and barotrauma.