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Immigrants use less healthcare than people born in U.S.

(Reuters Health) - Immigrants use fewer healthcare services and account for less spending by public and private insurance programs than people born in the U.S., according to a study that suggests the foreign-born may be subsidizing care for other patients.

FDA move on e-cigarettes means new risks for Fidelity funds

Fidelity Investments' bet on a privately held maker of e-cigarettes faces new risks after U.S. health regulators on Wednesday said they are considering a ban on flavored versions of the popular "vaping" products.

Maternal obesity linked to complications in newborns

(Reuters Health) - Babies born to obese mothers are more likely to face complications as newborns, even if the mother doesn't have high blood pressure or diabetes, a new study suggests.

Aid agencies ramp up response to Zimbabwe cholera outbreak

The World Health Organization and the Red Cross said on Thursday they were ramping up their emergency responses to Zimbabwe's deadliest cholera outbreak in a decade, with politicians trading blame over contaminated water and collapsing infrastructure.

EU investigating second impurity in China-made heart drug

Europe's drugs regulator is looking into another potentially cancer-causing substance in a common blood pressure and heart drug produced in China before 2012, widening an investigation that has so far focused on batches made after 2012.

India bans 328 combination drugs in setback for pharma companies

The Indian government has banned 328 combination drugs in a blow to both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical firms, but the ban has been cheered by health activists worried about growing antibiotic resistance due to the misuse of medicines.

Trans teens much more likely to attempt suicide

(Reuters Health) - Transgender adolescents are far more likely to attempt suicide than teens whose identity matches what it says on their birth certificates, and trans male youth are especially at risk, a U.S. study suggests.

FDA proposed crackdown on flavored e-cigs puts Juul on notice

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering a ban on flavored e-cigarettes from Juul Labs and other companies as it grapples with an "epidemic" of youth e-cigarette use that threatens to create a new generation of nicotine addicts, the agency's head said on Wednesday.