Health News (Reuters)

Adamis wins U.S. approval to sell EpiPen rival, shares soar

(Reuters) - Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp said on Thursday it received U.S. approval for its emergency epinephrine syringes to treat severe allergic reactions that it intends to be a lower cost rival to Mylan NV's widely used EpiPen, sending its shares up more than 50 percent.

One third of U.S. adults don’t know e-cigarette vapor may harm kids

(Reuters Health) - Even though the U.S. Surgeon General has concluded e-cigarette vapor may expose children to nicotine and other harmful chemicals, a new study finds that one in three adults aren’t sure if the devices are dangerous to use around kids.

State attorneys general probe opioid drug companies

(Reuters) - A bipartisan group of state attorneys general announced on Thursday that they are jointly investigating the marketing and sales practices of drug companies that manufacture opioid painkillers at the center of a national addiction epidemic.

Three mutations could make bird flu a potential pandemic: study

LONDON, June 15 (Reuters) - Scientists have identified three mutations that, if they occurred at the same time in nature, could turn a strain of bird flu now circulating in China into a potential pandemic virus that could spread among people.

UK will pay for Roche breast cancer drug at center of price row

LONDON (Reuters) - A Roche breast cancer drug at the center of a prolonged pricing row in Britain will now be paid for routinely, following a discount deal between the company and the National Health Service, the country's cost watchdog said on Thursday.

Senate may keep some Obamacare taxes in U.S. healthcare overhaul

Washington (Reuters) - Republican senators trying to repeal Obamacare are forming consensus to keep some of the U.S. healthcare law's taxes they long criticized, in hopes of delaying more drastic funding cuts, particularly to the Medicaid program for the poor and disabled.

Google bets on European biotech drugs, backs new fund

LONDON (Reuters) - Google is betting on the potential of European biotech companies to deliver life-changing drugs by investing alongside Swiss company Novartis in a new $300 million fund run by leading life sciences investment firm Medicxi.

Snus linked to asthma and sleep problems

(Reuters Health) - Snus, a moist, smokeless tobacco product, may contribute to breathing and sleep problems, Swedish researchers report.

Knee surgery rates soaring among teen girls

(Reuters Health) - A growing number of U.S. athletes are getting operations to repair torn knee ligaments, and a new study suggests injury rates are highest and rising fastest among teen girls.

Smog linked to bleeding stomach ulcers in elderly

(Reuters Health) - - Older adults may be more likely to have bleeding stomach ulcers on days when the air has higher levels of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant produced by car exhaust and power plants, a recent study in Hong Kong suggests.

Sanofi to invest further in biologics

PARIS (Reuters) - Sanofi announced plans to invest 600 million euros ($673 million) annually over the next two to three years in the field of biologics production, an area of strong growth potential.