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Kids' apps may have a lot more ads than you think

(Reuters Health) - Those cute little apps your child plays with are most likely flooded with ads - some of which are totally age-inappropriate, researchers have found.

Baby 'sleep sacks' might be safer than blankets

(Reuters Health) - Infant sleeping bags, or sleep sacks, are at least as safe as other bedding in preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and might be safer, a new analysis concludes.

WHO says air pollution kills 600,000 children every year

Air pollution kills an estimated 600,000 children every year and causing symptoms ranging from loss of intelligence to obesity and ear infections but there is a limited amount parents can do, a World Health Organization report said on Monday.

Better schools may reduce teens' risk of marijuana abuse

(Reuters Health) - Kids from low income neighborhoods who won a lottery and got into high-performing Los Angeles County high schools were less likely to get into trouble with marijuana compared to peers who lost in the lottery, a new study finds.

Ninth child dies in deadly viral outbreak in New Jersey

A ninth child died over the weekend in a deadly viral outbreak at a New Jersey rehabilitation center where a total of 25 young patients with compromised immune systems have been confirmed with adenovirus infections, state health officials said.

FDA approves TherapeuticsMD's menopause drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved TherapeuticsMD's oral hormone therapy for menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep disturbances and night sweats, the company said on Monday.

Drugmakers tout new medicines as eye disease battle intensifies

Switzerland's Roche and Novartis and other drugmakers are touting new treatments for a blindness-causing disease that hits millions of older people, as patent expiries are set to open up one of medicine's most lucrative markets.

Takeda proposes sale of Shire drug to gain European approval

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd has proposed to European regulators it could sell a Shire treatment in development due to concerns of overlap in inflammatory bowel disease treatments and its own drug Entyvio as it seeks clearance for the two companies' merger.