Minimum wages for Private Hospital Employees


IRC Formula to close all private Hospitals
One hospital at Chengannur issued closure notice to the employees today. The aging doctor owner was waiting for a straw to save himself & survive. Kindly post the details at
Let us wait and watch. Kindly note that the QPMPA President Dr. Koya attended the meeting and did not sign. The other doctors - Dr. MC Cyriac, Dr RV Asokan, Dr. Gafoor, Dr. Alexander - all abstained! One doctor is there and also his secretary.
Kindly go through the details and inform us your suggestions.
Same job, same wages is the international norm. Nurses in Govt. service are appointed on the same pay scale in a Medical College, District Hospital, and down to Govt. Dispensaries. The Hon'ble Labour Minister so fond of the private sector found out new norms to hasten the closure of the ailing private sector healthcare system and so the new compromise formula.
The highlighted message in the IRC site will help you have a nice sleep.
Industrial Relations Committees
       The Government of Kerala, under the chairmanship of Labour commissioner, for maintaining industrial peace and harmony, constitutes the Industrial Relations committees. The members of the IRC are persons having thorough knowledge about the issues experienced by the employers and workmen. Equal number of representatives from employers and trade union are included in the IRC. The Industrial Relations committees through discussions arrive at decisions on wage revision, bonus, service conditions of the workers of the respective industry etc. Though the decisions / settlements of IRC are not enforceable by law, the settlement / decision taken by the committee are considered as a general agreement in the State as a whole. At present 12 Industrial Relations committees are functioning in the State. They are :- 1. IRC for Toddy Tapping Industry 2. Motor Transport Industry. 3. Cashew Industry. 4. Kuttanad Agricultural Sector. 5. Coir Industry. 6. Construction Industry. 7. Beedi and Cigar Industry. 8. Textile Industry. 9. Timber, Plywood, Matches and Saw Mill Industry. 10. Palakkad Agricultural Sector. 11. Plantation Labour Committee. 12. Tripartite Committee for Cardamom Industry etc.
Interestingly IRC for Private hospitals is not in the Govt website. The above details can be seen at
Dr. K. Janardhanan, State Secretary