Do not pay as per new wage formula

Attn Hospital Owners –

Do not pay wages to Private Hospital Employees as per IRC agreement

Those with vested interest plant the news in the print media. This news appeared in almost all dailies in Kerala.

Direction from Labour Commissioner

As the Secretary of QPMPA, I request all Hospital Owners not to pay the wages agreed by our IRC Members and wait until the Govt. comes out with an Official Circular or GO to that effect.

The Labour Commissioner can never come out with such a directive and he is aware of his limitations. If that is as said in the print, he must be promoted! 

The news copied appeared in Mathrubhoomi daily dated 1.6.2013 circulated in Kayamkulam.

The website of "Labour Commissionerate". Earlier it was Now it is 

After reading the above news visit the site of the Labour Commissioner shown above and try find out whether there is any "Govt. Order - GO - or Circular" (GOs/Circulars) directing Private Hospitals to Pay wages as per IRC decision from May 2013!

However, one can find an Order directing Hospital Owners to pay the enhanced stipend for trainee nurses at (Stipend for nurses - Order No. 893)

We are bound to obey the above Order No. 893 dated 23.5.2013 to pay the enhanced stipend. This is an IRC decision and the Govt has issued an official ORDER for that. That is the Official procedure.

Some leaders of Hospital owners are eager to see that all Private Hospitals pay the wages agreed by the IRC. However, most of the hospital owners in IRC have not signed that agreement and the list of signatories in that can be verified at (The IRC understanding reached.)

The QPMPA at an Emergency meeting held at Kochi has decided that QPMPA must honour the IRC decision if the Govt. comes out with a "GO or CIRCULAR" as in the case of Stipend for trainee nurses cited at

The IRC agreement seen at  is really bullshit or something worse.

The IRC agreement in question: There is no header or footer, no date or number and no authentic signatory! Item No. 1 of this is one missed by all hospital owners who promised to accept the IRC agreement.

Kindly note the number given in -- Agreement No. 1: 16.12. 2009 -- GO (MS) 124/09/LBR -- is the only reference mentioned in that IRC mutual agreement. For your kind information there is no GO (MS) 124/09/LBR that we (Private Hospitals) are involved in! That means the Labour Commissioner and some association leaders take us for a ride.

The detailed list of Hospital Employee category is given at (Employee category)

As there is no GO from the side of the Kerala Govt., we are not bound to pay that said at the above site. Ignore it.

Kindly pay as shown at  (2009 Minimum Wages notification.) The QPMPA has challenged this notification and the case is still pending before the Hon’ble High Court.

If you pay as per the new IRC formula, you are inviting trouble. So wait until the Govt. comes out with an official declaration.

Good luck Hospital Owners.

K. Kishore Kumar, Secretary