Minimum Wages Advisory Board News

Most of the dailies in Kerala has published the cited report from Kalpetta by Mr. P. K. Gopalan, Chairman of the Minimum Wages Advisory Board. The Board has held a meeting at Kochi on 25 September 2013 as directed by the Labour Department on the strength of a letter by the Addl. Chief Secretary, Labour Department, Govt. of Kerala No. 10505/E1/2013/LBR dated 27 June 2013 to the Director of Printing of the Gazette of Kerala.

Interestingly, ignoring the technicalities involved, 75 complaints were received by the Labour Dept. In turn the Govt has directed the Minimum Wages Advisory Board to consider the complaints received.

Unfortunately, the Director of Printing Press has not honoured the letter cited till date - 27 Sept. 2013. For details visit

To see the letter by the Addl. Chief Secretary visit and this is the one published in the website of the Labour Commissionerate -- -- as Minimum Wages in Private Hospitals – Preliminary Notification

To be frank, the Labour Department has taken all the required steps for the Private Hospital Owners to move the Court and win their points.

We can only sympathise with the Officers of the Labour Dept. concerned for their ignorance and irresponsible attitude and our employees.

The QPMPA was in agreement with the IRC decisions and declared that the IRC decisions will be implemented only after the Govt. regularise the same through a Government Order (GO). Sad to note that the Govt. is not prepared to do that.

Dr. K. Kishore Kumar, QPMPA