Brains & Leaders

Brains and Leaders

There are tremendous advances in neurosciences and it is not difficult now to predict behaviour of political leaders and criminals. The causes of their behaviour are varied like inherited traits in their genetic make-up, malnutrition either in their intrauterine or early childhood lives, repeated traumas to head, etc. PET scan, functional MRI and better understanding of the neuronal mechanisms have enabled doctors to predict behavioural patterns.

If Hitler was subjected to brain studies (unfortunately unavailable then) the holocaust and World War could’ve been prevented. Though it is difficult to subject tyrants like Hitler or Stalin or Saddam to brain study, it may be feasible in a democracy. But India, the largest democracy has the bad example of her legislators vehemently opposing a Lokpal Bill, meant to control politicians. India after the recent historic election has a golden opportunity to use neuroscience to screen our leaders. With a new leader, having a scientifically evaluated brain, which do not resemble our present and past ‘leaders’, India can set a new bench mark for leadership qualities.

In June 1946, Dr. Patel, doctor of M. A. Jinnah, told him he had got PT. He also disclosed Jinnah was likely to die within two years. Aghast with the timeline and obsessed with dividing India, Jinnah declared August 16 as the “Direct Action” day to divide India and achieve Pakistan. History has detailed the bloodshed due to that nonsense. His legacy of hate and violence still continue. If his TB was made public and he was forcibly admitted in isolation ward of a TB hospital, history of the subcontinent would have been different. Without Pakistan, ISS and al Qaida wouldn’t have been there. His oxygen deprived brain made all the difference to the future world.

After World War II, Gen. Eisenhower became President of the US. He was part of horrors of the war and was determined to avoid future wars. He skilfully terminated Korean War and wanted to avoid war with Russians. Unfortunately, he had two influential brothers from a very conservative and religious family, one as the State Secretary and other as the Deputy Director of CIA. They were John Foster Dulles and Allen Foster Dulles. Their idea was that “nations not with us are against us”.

Both convinced him it is necessary to isolate Russia to prevent future world wars. Nonaligned countries were considered as enemies. Treaties like CENTO and SEATO were contrived. Vietnam War was unleashed. Democratically elected Prime Ministers were deposed, Indonesia was subverted, and rulers in many South American countries were changed. Cuba was treated as an untouchable. African leaders were clandestinely eliminated and puppets were installed. Patrice Lumumba was one among them. CIA under Allen Dulles, with political support of John Dulles was the major player in all these affairs. World suffered from wars, untimely deaths and famines because the brothers in turn suffered from obsessive compulsory hatred.

Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, after retiring. It is common medical knowledge that 10 to 15 years are required for full fledged Alzheimer’s to manifest. So throughout his presidency he did not have a normal healthy brain. Many of his pronouncements are now evidences of his mal-functioning brain. He systematically reduced the power of many regulatory agencies and led his country to the 2007 Wall Street crash. He helped the Jihadist Wahabi Muslims and empowered terrorists like Laden (another notoriously abnormal brain!). Another sick man was selected by Judges as President in 2000. But the patient later claimed he was anointed by none other than God, himself. The people of Iraq and Afghanistan still pay the price. If only those people had a prior neurological evaluations by doctors! Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Pol Pot, Kim Ill Sung, Mao, Khomeini, Laden, Prabhakaran…the list of mal functioning brains continues.

Today, India is going to have a new prime minister. If history is any indicator all our past prime ministers and ministers had neurological defects. Communal riots have already started in Hyderabad. Bharatham and the later India had always been a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-linguistic society which lived together as a sane, peaceful and dynamic unit. But we also had crazy rulers in the past.

Our neighbour, Pakistan is based on a single religion, not famous for any tolerance. Is there peace? Is there progress? Are not killing and strife parts of daily life? Taliban decides everything, be it the dress, the food, the education and the human rights, citizens should have. Another neighbour, China believes in a single party which is not famous for any tolerance, either. Is RSS an Indian equivalent of Taliban or Chinese communist party? Which way should India go?

As doctors, we appeal to the Indian President that those aspirant Ministers, MPs and MLAs, etc., (those who know no jobs other than continuous service of ‘poor’ Indians) must be subjected to medical evaluations by doctors before being sworn in. Ironically, in the real world, it is the doctors who are being evaluated with laws like CEA (Clinical Establishments Act) invented by those same people with sick brains.

Dr. K. Kishore Kumar