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Covid-19 is 'Silent Epidemic of Grief': Here's Why

For every death, nine people are affected by bereavement. Bereavement care has undergone major changes in both acute and community settings affecting bereaved people, clinicians, support workers and the wider health and social care system.

Simple Naturopathy Ways to Treat Neck Pain

Stress, poor posture, obesity, muscle inflammation, arthritis, and injuries are some of the risk factors that cause neck pain. Simple naturopathy ways help treat neck pain.

Reducing Use Of Opioids Post-Surgery

New guideline for post-surgery opioid use is based on the number of pills administered to the patient before discharge. The guideline improved patient satisfaction rate with pain management.

Can Insulin Be Stored Outside Fridge?

Insulin vials or pens once punctured are more heat-stable during the 28 days of use. Insulin is more sensitive to freezing than heat.

CoWIN to Open for Registration on March 1

CoWIN, the COVID vaccination portal is set to open for registration on March 1st. Senior citizens and people above 45 with comorbidities will be allowed to self register via the portal or app only on Monday.

Mental Health Issues in UK: Fresh Insights

In Britain, mental health issues have grown drastically amid the coronavirus lockdown, reports local media. Everyone has been touched by the pandemic in some way many people have lost their jobs, of course, and that creates anxiety and mental health problems too.