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Achievements of QPMPA from 1973

Achievements of QPMPA -- 1973 onwards-

IMA is an organisation of Modern Medicine doctors in India. However, as group of doctors lost faith in IMA, they started KGMOA, KGMCTA, ESIMOA, & QPMPA in Kerala. Nationally, Govt. doctors do have their organisations in every state. Unfortunately, private sector doctors the backbone of IMA blindly believed that IMA will rescue them in all situations. 

Kerala doctors learned the bitter truth in 1973 and started QPMPA. Unfortunately, the rest of Indian Private doctors failed and they are suffering.

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Development Kerala Style

Expressway Kerala


The great visionaries & missionaries of Kerala

We must be proud of our planners building better roads all over Kerala now.

In June 1990, one Ms Subhadramma wrote an article in the Indian Express and that opened the eyes of our great masters and planners at the Centre.

After 23 years, the masters and think-tanks in Kerala found out that we must have better roads and the struggle is on to save Malayalees.