QPMPA SWC Meeting – February 2015

Ref: 141/swc/qpmpa/2014-15                                             Date: 15.01.2014


State Working Committee Meeting Notice

Date: 08.02.2015 (Sunday)

Venue: - QPMPA Head Office, Kochi

Time: 11.00 AM


All SWC Members of QPMPA & Special Invitees.

Dear Doctor,

   The 141 SWC meeting shall be held at 11.00 AM on Sunday, 8th February 2015 at QPMPA Head Office at Ravipuram, Kochi. You are requested to attend the meeting without fail.

                                                                                                                 Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. K. Janardhanan (State Secretary)


1.  Investing the Collar

2.  Meeting Call to order

3.  Flag Salutation

4.  Self Introduction

5.  Obituary Notes

6.  Welcome & Presidential Address – Dr. M. A. Koya (State President)          

7.  Presentation of minutes of the SWC meeting held on 26-10 2014 – Dr. K. Janardhanan (State Secretary)

8.  Matters arising out of the minutes

9. Presentation of accounts for the period from 1st April 2014 to 31st December 2014 – Dr. Paul P. Noble (State Treasurer)            

10. Report and accounts of News letters

11. Finalisation & Rectification of Pension Scheme

12. Review of QPMPA Pharmaceuticals & Surgicals – Dr. Zubin P. Jacob (Convener)

13. The Clinical Establishments (Registration & Regulation) Act -- Case in the Delhi High Court – Dr. K. Kishore Kumar

14. Dr. T. M. Paul Endowment Report – Dr. O. Baby

15. Discussions:-      

    a) Next State Annual Conference

    b) Next SWC meeting

    c) Any other matter with the permission of the Chair

16. Resolutions if any

17. Vote of thanks – State Secretary




Members Present:-                                                   

1. Dr. M. A. Koya, 2. Dr. K. Janardhanan, 3. Dr. Paul. P. Noble, 4. Dr. O. Baby, 5. Dr. K. Kishore Kumar, 6. Dr. B. V. Bhat, 7. Dr. A. K. Sabhapathy, 8. Dr. C. M. Aboobaker, 9. Dr. V. V. Haridas, 10. Dr. K. B. Jacob, 11. Dr. Zubin P. Jacob, 12. Sri Madhu S. Nair, 13. Dr. K. C. Baby, 14. Dr. N. S. D. Raju, 15. Dr. A. Cherian, 16. Dr. Charlie Cherian and 17. Sri. Mahesh, N. C. Lakshmi Hospital.

Secretary Dr. K. Janardhanan invested the collar to the President. The president, Dr. M. A. Koya called the meeting to order at 11.15 AM. One-minute silent prayer was observed. Flag salutation was invocated by State Treasurer, Dr. Paul P. Noble. This was followed by self introduction.

Obituary note:-

Dr. K. Kishore Kumar informed the house that Dr. T. P. Jay Paul, Consultant radiologist has left for his heavenly abode on 23-10-2014 at Kovai Medical College in Coimbatore. He was suffering from Lukemia for the past one year. Dr. Jay Paul is survived by his wife and two sons. One minute silent prayer was observed.

Welcome and presidential address:-

The President welcomed the gathering. He explained about the pension scheme and drug distribution. Gave details about Dr. T. M. Paul endowment program also.

Presentation of minutes:-

The minutes of the SWC meeting held on 17-08-2014 was presented and passed with corrections pointed out by Dr. O. Baby. Proposed by Dr. A. K. Sabhapathy and seconded by Dr. K. B. Jacob.

Matters arising out of the minutes:-

Dr. O. Baby asked about formation of a committee on Clinical Establishment Bill. President M. A. Koya explained in detail about it.

Dr. A. K. Sabhapathy informed that in 1976, Justice Krishna Iyer had submitted a bill – a private hospital bill, but was not passed.

Dr. C. M. Aboobacker asked about State awards for the last two years.

It was informed that no awards were given for last 2 years. A committee is formed to revive the awards to be presented every year for best branch, best President and best Secretary. The committee members are Dr. A. K. Sabhapathy, Dr. K. B. Jacob and Dr. O. Baby.

Presentation of the accounts:-

State treasurer Dr. Paul P Noble presented the accounts. Due to lack of clarity, he was advised to present it properly in the next SWC.

Report of activities:-

State activity report was presented by Dr. K. Janardhanan.

17-08-2014 – SWC meeting held at Head Office, Kochi.

27-09-2014 – Attended governing council meeting of MAPS, in Cherai beach.

28-09-2014 – Annual general body meeting of MAPS was held at Cherai Beach resort, North Paravur.

New members joined:-

Professional annual members            : 1

Professional life members                  : 6

Institution annual members               : 2

Institution life members                     : 2

Renewal of membership:-

Institution annual members               : 4

Branch collection                                : 1

Branch activity report:-

Branch report was passed after one correction from Kottayam branch. Land was not purchased, only advance was given to Dr. Joy.

Report of accounts of Newsletter:-

It was stated that for 2,000 newsletters, printing and postage charges comes Rs. 32 thousand.

A committee was formed for endowment in the name of Dr. T. M. Paul. The committee members are: - Dr. A. K. Sabhapathy, Chairman, Dr. O. Baby, Secretary, and Dr. K. KIshore Kumar, Treasurer.

1. Yearly awards to 3 to 5 members who had associated with Dr. T. M. Paul in his activities for QPMPA. (To be continued till all such members are honoured).

2. Yearly award (cash with memento) for one member who had put in his efforts to enhance the image of QPMPA and thereby the survival of the private medical practitioners.

3. Yearly award (cash with memento) for one non-member whose contribution helped   Private Health Care service in India or helped establish the presence of QPMPA.

Decided to collect donation from members. Dr. Koya offered a sum of Rs 25,000/-. A list of members who have volunteered to donate was prepared as detailed below.

Each branch is advised to contribute a sum of Rs. 50 thousand (minimum). The committee will contact members for mobilization of fund.

Report on MAPS:-

Dr. K. Kishore Kumar presented the MAPS activity report.

Report of QPMPA Pharmaceuticals & Surgicals:-

Dr. Zubin P Jacob presented the report and Accounts.


Kerala Shops & Commercial establishment Act 1960 – Dr. Kishore informed that the details are available on the website and that private hospitals are exempted. Visit for more – http://www.qpmpa.org/node/37

Minimum wages:

Retrospective effect is not applicable. We got a stay for the same, which still exists.

Clinical Establishment Bill:-

Dr. Kishore Kumar explained that QPMPA is planning to file a case through Dr. M. C. Gupta in Delhi High Court challenging the Clinical Establishment Act, 2010. He informed the legal expense will be around Rs. 2 lakhs. The house approved the same and directed Dr. Kishore to proceed with the filing of the case.

VAT Registration:-

Dr. K. C. Baby, Pala told that before the 30th of October 2014, we will receive the gazette notification and VAT exemption will come into force.

Pension scheme:-

President Dr. M. A. Koya explained that a software is being prepared by experts and its mode of operation requires further modification and approval. The final decision will be taken as early as possible.

Next State Annual Conference:-

Dr. Sajan told that the next State Conference shall be hosted by Thodupuzha branch and he is working for it, and will soon finalizing the venue and the date. He will form an organizing committee for the State Conference. He requested for the co-operation from all the members to make it a grand success.

Next SWC meeting:-

Next SWC meeting will be in January 2015, date will be informed later considering the convenience of the members. Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. K. Janardhanan for the active participation of all members and the valuable suggestions and proposals. All the members and branches were requested to pay all the arrears in time, and conduct the branch meetings every month.

President, Dr. M. A. Koya closed the meeting at 2.30 PM for lunch.

S/d –

Dr. K. Janardhanan, Secretary